Best Home Recumbent Exercise Bikes – Top 5 Reviewed – 2019 – 2020

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Top 5 Recumbent Exercise Bikes

The Corner of the gym where the recumbents’ live tends to be rather quiet. In my experience they are the most underused piece of cardiovascular equipment, with most gym goers avoiding them. I think they are perceived as the lazy option. This perception is false on a number of counts.

Yes they aren’t as exciting as a spin bike, as much as a near death experience as a versa-climber or as competitive as a treadmill. They do, however, have numerous benefits including;

  • A great way to isolate the leg muscles.
  • Being fantastic and appropriate for late stage pregnant women.
  • Being completely low impact.
  • Being an excellent introduction to weight loss for people suffering with obesity.
  • Being perfect for individuals with balance or proprioceptive constraints.
  • Being ideal for the elderly or those returning from sports injuries.

So next time you see a chap reclining on business class style seats while reading the latest Jeffery Archer novel, remember, he may have a reason! Without further ado I shall review 5 of the bestRecumbent bikes available.

Kettler Premium Review – Our Number 1

Kettler PremiumFor those of you who are not acquainted with Kettler, they specialise in designing high end exercise cycles. The Kettler Premium recumbent bike (SHOP NOW!) follows in that tradition. It is specially designed with proprioception and mobility in mind. The bike is especially comfortable and provides excellent support for the back. It has a great design and the 9kg flywheel makes sure it produces a fluid and quiet experience perfect for those with sensitive joints, and sensitive ears.

  • The onboard computer has 12 in built training programs, enough for anybody, as well as the ability to save the information of 4 separate users, the whole family can get involved.
  • There is a max pulse warning in the form of a visual alarm. This is really handy as the recumbent cycle is a very popular piece of equipment with stroke victims, people with high blood pressure and those at risk of heart complications.
  • The Kettler has excellent features for monitoring heart rate, it comes with hand sensors and an ear clip to accurately feedback your heart rate. A chest strap is available as an extra.Kettler Premium
  • This product has an LCD display that permanently displays information such as cadence, speed, route and energy expenditure.

The Kettler Premium P Cycle is top of the range, it looks great and has every feature you could ever need from a recumbent bike. It’s not cheap but it’s certainly not the most expensive machine on the market. It can be quite complicated if you wish to use to its full potential but if you are quite happy to just jump on and ride its fine for that too. The kit isn’t small, but it is fully mobile with free moving wheels. I’d recommend in a heartbeat.


Features: 4 user memory – Visual max pulse warning – LCD display

Price: Mid-Range



JTX CYCLO-5R Review – Number 2

JTX Cyclo-5RThis is now the 4th JTX product in total I have reviewed. Admittedly I had never heard of JTX, well let me tell you, as a personal trainer, fitness writer and lifetime gym goer, JTX will remain high in my thoughts and be a regular in my recommendations to clients, friends and readers alike. Once assembled (without difficulty) it’s a sturdy bike with a solid chassis. It fits well in a small apartment and has a wide range of tensioning to keep everyone happy.

  • The bike comes with an adjustable and padded saddle meaning it is nice and comfortable no matter if you are a jockey or a basketball player.
  • There is Bluetooth on the board computer offering you the option of making use of the free app that provides added motivation via visual stimulus.
  • You can connect up your portable music system and play your favourite workout tracks through the bikes speakers, which means no more sweaty, greasy earphones.
  • The bike has 16 levels of electro-magnetic resistance, and the best part of that? An 8.5kg flywheel that keeps operation practically silent.

The JTX is an excellent product, especially so for those in need of a more delicate and thoughtful approach to their fitness regime. When I decided to trial this product I first checked the amazon reviews, while most were overwhelmingly positive there were a couple of consumers unhappy at the build difficulty, I didn’t find the construction difficult at all and would happily recommend.


Features: Visual motivation – Mp3 connectivity – Silent

Price: High-End



Nordic Track R65 Review – Number 3

NordicTrack R65This Nordic Track bike has a good looking ultra-modern design that would look great in any style of house or apartment. But is not all show, as I’ve mentioned previously, the recumbent bike although suitable for any exerciser is really, at its heart, intended for those of us who for whatever reason weren’t blessed with the athletic abilities or structural integrity of the old Greek heroes. But with this bikes extra wide comfortable seat and similar pedals, it does allow us to read about them while we get fitter and healthier.

  • This product has a 9kg flywheel, making it one of the quieter bikes on the market, add to this the 25 levels of resistance, this bike is the strong and silent type.
  • The Nordic Track has a back-lit display containing all your work out details, including everything you need to know about tracking, cadence, distance and energy expenditure.NordicTrack R65
  • This Recumbent bike has ifit compatibility, a multifunction, multiplatform fitness control centre from which you can plan and store all your programs, progress, victories and even the occasional defeat.
  • The Bike has 32 separate workout apps to pick from, with such variety you need never get bored. One day you can be cycling a hill chase and the next a nice relaxing flat at 60% aiming for recovery.

There is not a bad word to say about the Nordic Track R65, it looks great, sounds like a morning walk along a country meadow. It has all the sexy gadgets and more, but above all its reassuringly rich in a calm content comfort. Its princely padded and plush in just the right places. You won’t want to get off.


Features: 25 resistance levels – 32 workouts –  ifit compatibility

Price: Mid– Range


Schwinn 270i Review – Number 4

Schwinn 270iThe 270i is a home recumbent bike designed by world beating cycle and cycle accessory manufacturer Schwinn. The product is jam packed with exciting features making it the textbook take home piece of exercise equipment. Its seems that Schwinn work off the motto ‘whatever you can do, I can do better’.

You could name this machine ‘The Three C’s’ after the emphasis on customisation, comfort and cadence, more on that later. This may not be the most expensive machine I’ve reviewed, but with its hands tightly wrapped and its gloves firmly on, the Schwinn 270i is a contender and he knows it.

  • The 270i is extremely sturdy with a dense single frame given an added boost by a large mid frame support. This is quality piece of kit.
  • Comfort has obviously been a main focus of the 270i. Equipped with padded, ergonomic seats, dual fan system keeping you cool from front to back, adjustable pedals and handlebars, you won’t know if you are at home on the bike, or at home on the sofa. Lovely.
  • Thanks to the super-efficient advanced flywheel you can enjoy a silent, slick ride while still pushing yourself to your limits utilising some of the most incredibly smooth cadence I’ve come across.Schwinn 270i
  • The bike features a convenient QuickKey technology, allowing you to alter your intensity at the flick of a switch.

This Schwinn recumbent bike really, really impressed me. I could write a full 10 page review on it, that’s how much I like it. It’s a great bike with a great design, enough resistance to keep Bradley Wiggins sweating and even though it may not the cheapest product I have reviewed, it may be the best. I get a feeling this one is going to go to judges.


Features: QuickKey technology – Prioritised comfort – Smooth Cadence

Price: High End



V-Fit G-RC Review – Number 5

V-fit G-RCThe V-fit magnetic cycle has a nice crisp, white design that would look great in a modern minimalistic apartment, or fit easily between the boxes of files cluttering up the spare room. Being our affordable option it is simple and light on technology but sometimes all those mod cons can be intimidating and confusing to get the hang of. Personally I’m a bit of a Neanderthal when it comes to technology, I’m still amazed that when I press a switch on the wall, a glass bulb hanging from the ceiling illuminates the room. And while it may be simple the manufacturer has definitely made this bike with people with injuries in mind. My crocked back and Cracked hips felt much the better on this machine than on its more expensive counterparts.

  • This bike features 8 levels of resistance, while not being as broadly challenging as some of the other more expensive machines, this is perfect for the more mature, or more structurally challenged individual.V-fit G-RC
  • The V-fit has a multiple function LCD screen that has several uses, including; estimated calorie burn, distance covered and speed and time.
  • The Bike works off a magnetic resistance system assisted by a 6kg cast iron flywheel, not bad for the price.
  • This machine has large adjustable pedals designed for ease of slipping your tired morning feet into place with comfort and security.

The V-fit G-RC may not have the magic of its more established and more expensive competitors but it does have simplicity, and it does have a great price tag. Is it the overall winner of the day? No, it clearly isn’t. It is though, a great budget option and in my mind the best kit out there for the more mature and wizened consumer. Don’t let the price put you off, it may not the champion of the world, but it takes home a unique title of its own.


Features: 8 resistance levels – Multiple function LCD screen – 6kg flywheel

Price: affordable




Some great machines reviewed here and picking a winner isn’t easy. I’m going to have to give a special mention to the V-Fit for its simple design, pain easing and the great price. The overall winner though, has to be Schwinn. Don’t get me wrong, all were excellent and all are worth going out and buying but the Schwinn stands out for me as the top product. It is ultimately customisable and provides total comfort.


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