Best Home Manual Folding Treadmills – Top 3 Reviewed – 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Manual Folding Treadmills

Treadmills are the number 1 Fitness apparatus for a reason, put simply, all factors taken into account, they are the best. When you think of the gym what pops into your mind. It’s one of 2 things, either muscle boundmen, biceps bulging as they float around the bench press or rows and rows of treadmills being pounded hour after hour by hundreds of people. Day after day, month after month for as long as I can remember treadmills have been an integral part of exercise and an ultra subscribed out runner for the fitness world. Manual Treadmills, long having been a weapon of choice for serious training, have made a comeback into the world commercial fitness. Top Spec Machines can now regularly be found in most industry leading mainstream health clubs. This is more than just another fitness fad, manual treadmills can ease the beginner into indoor running or equally they can provide gruelling interval workouts. Below is my review of 3 of the most popular and affordable home manual treadmills on the market

Confidence Manual Review – Our Number 1

ConfidenceThis Confidence Manual Treadmill (SHOP NOW!) offers great value for money, a simple, pleasing design and easy folding away  storage. There are no frills here, so no difficult set up procedure, no complicated on board computer and, as it comes fully assembled  there is no time consuming assembly process. This is the ideal running machine for those who want a quality product without breaking the bank.

  • Simple locking mechanism for transportation and storage.
  • 8 resistance levels with a gentle fixed incline for a quiet and smooth running experience.
  • Simple console that gives feedback on your workout performance and work out details.
  • This product is suitable for users up to 100kg in bodyweight.

This Confidence product is cheap, simple and effective. If you are looking for something affordable that does the job, are only a beginner to exercise and want a challenge then this machine perfect for you.


Features: Simple folding – 8 resistance levels –Work out feedback

Price: Affordable



V-Fit MTT1 Self Powered Review – Number 2

V-fit MTT1This treadmill does a great job of building and toning the muscles of the lower body while building strength in the abs. It requires self-assembly but it’s easy enough with the tools and instructions provided. The machine has a smaller design meaning it is ideal for the smaller framed individual, people of 6 foot plus should probably look elsewhere. Let’s take a look at some of the features this product offers.

  • The machine has a 6 function display console keeping you up to date on your work out progress.
  • There is a fixed 8% incline on the treadmill which is a clever addition worthy of not , uphill walking/jogging is better all-round than flat.
  • The machine features transportation wheels making it extremely mobile, enabling you to move it around to whichever area of the house you wish to use to train.
  • The Running belt is easy to keep maintained and put back into position if it slips.V-fit MTT1

The V-Fit is a good all round product, again excellently priced and great value for money. The fixed incline is great and should be a feature of all modern treadmills given what we have learned about the benefits of incline walking/jogging.


Features: Fixed 8 degree incline – 6 function display console – easy transportation

Price: Affordable



Body Sculpture Review – Number 3

Body SculptureThis Body Sculpture Manual Treadmill isideal for anything from a brisk early morning walk to a light lunchtime jog. This machine is perfect for the new user, providing a tough and challenging manual resistance whilst allowing the user to work at their own pace. Home assembly is easy enough for one. It’s a good quality size and a cost effective addition to any home gym.

  • This is a full size treadmill, robust and sturdy, stability id an important factor when selecting a manually powered treadmill.
  • The Body sculpturehas built in pulse sensors to read heart rate, make sure you stay inside your desired heart rate zones during difficult interval sessions. Just because you are a beginner doesn’t mean you can’t train hard, you just have to make sure you also

train smart.Body Sculpture

  • The Running deck is also full size, giving you a little more freedom while you get into your stride.
  • With the fold function and transportation wheels, this quality product can be quietly tucked away when not in use.

This is another great option for a home manual powered treadmill. They really are a fantastic way to get fit, arguably better on the knees and so economical. The fact that this model has a full size running deck makes a big difference. It is a tough ride while still being forgiving for the novice. A good buy.


Features: Full size sturdy machine – ideal for beginners – Gym size running deck

Price: Affordable




All three products reviewed were of excellent quality considering the great value for money. Manual treadmills are definitely a smart buy for athletes of any level, The machines I reviewed were aimed more towards beginners and intermediate. I think the full size running belt of the Body Sculpture is a fantastic feature, however, the fixed 8% incline of the V-Fit product makes it a better buy than  the other 2.



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