Best Home Magnetic Exercise Bikes – Top 3 Reviewed – 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Magnetic Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are my personal favourite cardiovascular machine. The benefits of indoor cycling are practically identical to running and rowing, and outweigh the benefits of cross training by quite some distance. They are a mainstay of the health club and home fitness scene. They have even made it into the movies, how many times have we witnessed the scene of the big executive in his plush office having his morning power cycle while his assistant relays the days agenda.

For me the reason to choose a cycle is simple. Prevention of injury. Overuse injuries are the most common causes of visits to the physio, and impact is the most common cause of overuse injury. There is no impact with an exercise cycle, there are certain resistance exercises that need to be included in your routine to ensure you don’t over develop certain muscle groups while ignoring others, but this is (cheaply) remedied.

As with all markets, the exercise cycle market is over prescribed with a plethora of choices available to the consumer, some good, some not so good. Below I have reviewed some of the better options on the market to help you make the right choice.

Crystaltec CT101M Review – Our Number 1

CrystalTec CT101MThis indoor Crystaltec CT101M (SHOP NOW!) cycle offers a fluid and practically noise free ride when compared to the average indoor bike. It comes with a 12 month warranty to support its claim of its superior quality parts having less wear and tear over its direct competitors. It does require full home assembly but then we all enjoy a jigsaw puzzle, and there is a definite sense of satisfaction that comes from having built something yourself. The operation is so quiet and smooth that my partner, who works very long days could jump on and use it at night without disturbing me at all. Let’s take a look at some of the features.

  • The bike has a 8 resistance levels to choose from. The challenge is how long can you keep going at level 8? Try this out and you will end up with legs like Sir Chris Hoy.
  • This product uses a quiet magnetic system for resistance, it doesn’t use any friction pads, meaning the expensive parts will need replacing or repairing much less, if ever.
  • The product has a smart device holder so you can keep entertained during your workout, not too entertained mind, remember you are there to work out!
  • The machine has an ultra-lightweight but hard wearing steel frame. Its robust enough to keep the quality high and ensure durability, but lightweight enough to effortlessly move around your house with ease.

All in all this is a great product, it looks great with a black and red design, matching the style popular in health clubs today. As discussed its extremely quiet and long lasting. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase, not at all.


Features: 8 resistance levels – Ultra quiet – Lightweight frame

Price: Mid-Range



Skandika Foldaway Review – Number 2

SkandikaWith the X-1000 Skandika have manufactured a really convenient, simple foldaway exercise bike that takes up no more room than an ironing board. It’s not just for the home but can be folded up and taken just about anywhere. You could take it camping, the park on a nice day and if you wish to pay for the hold space you could even whip it away on holiday with you. Skandika are an exciting company with plenty of fresh, radical ideas and the X-1000 with its unique design is a prime example of this.

  • The machine features hand pulse sensors with a digital display screen that gives you your heart rate whenever you might want it.
  • The Skandika, as well as being foldable, has wheels making not just storage but transportation easy as well.
  • The product has 8 levels of manually adjusted resistance so you can choose how hard you want to work based on how you feel on the day.Skandika
  • Skandika have made comfort a priority for the X-1000 by providing an extra-wide, padded seat, perfect for preventing the dreaded numb bum syndrome so common with indoor cycling.

Skandia have created a unique looking, functional and well-priced product here,  perfect for those of us looking for something a little different, those of us short on space and thanks to the great price, those of us short on cash.


Features: Hand pulse sensors – 8 level resistance – Wide, padded seat.

Price: Affordable



JLL IC300 PRO Review – Number 3

JLL IC300We know what JLL offers, great design, great quality and great functionality. This product is no different, it looks stunning. Its large and stable with a sizeable flywheel giving a fluid momentum when in operation. It is a heavy product so if you live in a top flat it’s a two man job getting it up the stairs, but once assembled and up and running it’s well worth the effort.

  • The bike features a 20kg flywheel producing a seamless, comfortable ride
  • This bike is belt driven, acting like a traditional chain, the belt offers a more authentic experience much cloer to being out on the road.
  • The machine features a 6-function monitor that displays time, speed, calories burned amongst other things.
  • The bike is fully adjustable to suit all shapes and sizes with a number of handlebar and seat adjustments.

The JLL is an excellent product, for me it wins out the day with ease. It’s the best quality while offering the closest experience to cycling on the road. It has great value for money and is by far my favourite product reviewed.


Features: Fully adjustable – 6 function monitor – belt driven

Price: Mid – Range




The JLL is the product I strongly recommend you go out and buy, Its full of features and functions that far surpass the other options on show.


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